An empowering book with broad appeal.

There are thousands of books that offer advice on being and becoming a great leader. Yet, there is very little written about how to work with leaders, especially those who are demanding and difficult. This is despite the fact that such characters are a universal phenomenon. This book will fill the gap. It will help you deal with powerful people whether they are your boss, customer, or critical counterpart in your (global) organization. The "rules" for dealing with powerful people apply far beyond interaction with high profile characters. Depending on where you are, the managing director of your local subsidiary, the head of your finance department, the influential member of your board, the critical donor to your charity, or the owner of your small business may be just as powerful in your setting as a corporate tycoon in someone else's.

For every 'powerful person' who has influenced history, there are three or four without whom history would never have changed. Vision and drive for implementation are never enough. Dirk Schlimm's book is about how to accomplish the work of real change in the real world by doing the hard work that rarely gets noticed.

Governor Howard Dean, Chairman Emeritus, The Democratic National Committee (USA)

Dirk's 12 rules for influencing those in power are practical and relevant for managers engaging Asia's power elite. This is an extremely lucid work that meets a long-standing need for a readable and comprehensive view of the practical methods for influencing those in power.

Associate Professor Leonard C. Sebastian, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore

Having practiced law acting mostly for major corporations for almost 40 years, I have learned that a major key to success is influencing and managing people effectively, particularly powerful people. While this is certainly true for professional service providers, it is equally true in essentially all human endeavors. Dirk Schlimm's "Influencing Powerful People" provides invaluable insights into this dynamic; insights that will assist anyone to be more effective and successful.

Peter Jewett, Chair, Corporate Department, Torys LLP, Toronto, Canada


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